We have been established for over 50 years, serving both domestic and contract clients for upholstery and reupholstery.


Why Re-upholster your furniture?

  • Restore, Renew & Breathe Life into your existing furniture
  • Make an investment in tried & tested furniture
  • Can't bear to say goodbye to an ol' friend (your furniture!)
  • Looking for new inners (foams/padding etc)
  • Looking for a different colour/material
  • Already have furniture that you 'know' fits just right in the house
  • Already enjoy the comfort of your furniture
  • You think it a crime to take good furniture to the landfill tip!
  • Re-upholstery is Re-cycling
Many people consider re-upholstery today, because the quality of workmanship that existed (prior to the cheaper low budget factory produced high street furniture) was of a much higher standard. The frames, springs and padding that went into producing durable and comfortable furniture, were made here in the UK compared to the cheaper imports that are the current range of new furniture often found in the stores.

Why take a chance with your furniture, when you can rely on A. W. Page's 50+ years of experience in Upholstery?