We have been established for over 50 years, serving both domestic and contract clients for upholstery and reupholstery.


Traditional upholstery has been a highly skilled trade and craft which developed over many hundreds of years. Sadly, due to mass production through various high street outlets, the art and skill of the upholsterer has been somewhat neglected in favour of producing poor quality, low budget furniture. However, there still remain a number of highly skilled tradesmen today, of which A. W. Page Upholsterers has employed since the 1950’s.  

What is important in the upholstery of my furniture? 

Taking for example the most often used furniture for a lounge, there are four categories that are essential to the quality of the final product:  

·         the frame (usually wooden) on which the upholstery is to be constructed 

·         the spring system  

·         the cushioning or padding 

·         the final fabric or leather covering 

Here at A. W. Page, no compromise in quality is made whatsoever in the process of manufacturing/recovering and re-upholstering furniture.  


An important aspect of any upholstered furniture must begin with its frame and the particular type of wood used to create it, which has a bearing on the quality of the final product. Having a good, sturdy frame is a common reason for people choosing to reupholster today. Again, this has often proven to be a wise choice, over purchasing furniture from the mass produced lines of chairs, sofas, settees that can are seen regularly through advertising (especially TV) for budget range sofas etc. 

Why does a good frame matter for my seated furniture? The tight graining of a quality hard wood will allow for screws, tacks and pegs to be fastened securely, reducing the likelihood of their becoming loose over time.  

The wood for a piece of upholstered furniture must be assembled into a sturdy frame. Generally, the more rigid the frame the better, because a loose frame can crack or fail, We employ a number of skilled processes which can be used to create a sturdy frame. This is essential for joining, blocking and dowelling. We ensure that the joints are reinforced with blocks or dowels for extra support, or the frame will be vulnerable over time due to the stress and strain of everyday life.  

Spring System 

Now we have a strong frame in place, a spring system is used to support the seating area. There are several types of spring support systems: standard springs, zig zag springs and eight-way hand tied springs, coil springs. Once the springs are in place, they are finished with a top layer of padding, commonly called the "seat deck". 

In consultation with yourselves, we will ensure the best spring system for your furniture is used, taking into consideration the budget you wish to employ for your upholstery. 

Cushions, Pillows, Padding and Fills 

Another very important aspect of the comfort and lifespan of your furniture are the cushions and padding. Seat cushions sit on top of the spring system and seat deck. Back pillows, if present, rest against the back and arms of the piece. 

Most cushions are made of a high-density foam core that is then wrapped with either soft polyester, feather and down, or a hypoallergenic down substitute. Dacron (a synthetic) adds resilience so that pillows and seats keep their shape, while the wraps form a soft envelope. Cushions and pillows are usually sewn into cotton cases to ensure smooth upholstering. However, each piece of furniture is bespoke, and we will discuss this with you to ensure that your wishes and expectations are met. We will also give you professional advice as to what foams/fillings and wrapping is best suited to your furniture. 

Feather and down offer the maximum comfort and softness in cushions and pillows that most people desire and designers prefer. Feather and down back pillows and wrapped seat cushions can always be "fluffed-up" to maintain an attractive look. Feather and down fills and wraps require a little more maintenance than polyester and high density-foam but they have greater comfort, durability and resilience.  

As with all materials and their foams/fillings, we will advise you as to what will be best from an aesthetic, practical, financial aspect. Some materials and fillings will not be best suited to your furniture/frame, no matter how much you like its appearance. However the final choice is with you. You can be rest assured that with over 50 years experience in the upholstery trade, you will be given the best of everything from A. W. Page Upholsterers to ensure your complete satisfaction with our work. 

Fabrics and Leathers 

Your fabrics/leathers (the choice of textiles) can account for up to 80% of furniture price. We enjoy trade accounts with a huge number of manufacturers, and can accommodate most budgets, whether domestic or contract work. 

A tightly woven fabric and blend would tend to wear longer than light or loose-weave natural fibers.  

Leather is a durable and easy-care natural material that softens and improves over time with the right care and attention. For quality leathers, top-grain hides are tanned, processed and dyed to give a certain color or look.  

With a huge range of samples, we can show you a selection of quality materials to ensure the perfect match and best choice for your chosen budget. 


Please note: We do not cater for automotive upholstery. 


Commercial (Contract) Upholstery 

We cater for a wide variety of upholstery work offered to businesses. Some examples may be restaurant seating consisting of booth seats, dining room chairs, bar stools, etc. Also churches, including but not limited to pews and chairs for the congregation, hospitals and clinics consisting of suitable seating and chairs, etc. Also common to this type of upholstery would be lobby and waiting-area seating. 

We have a huge amount of experience at both the domestic/contract level of upholstery and reupholstery, so please do give us a call on 01708 545075 or email us at enquiries@londonupholstery.co.uk