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Warwick Fabrics' Macrosuedes are highly sophisticated low pile, easy clean suedes woven from specialty 'microdenier' polyester fibres with high abrasion resistance and excellent cleaning characteristics, and now with Healthguard, for protection against dust mites, mould and bacteria. Each of these fibres is finer than than one denier (the diameter of a silk worm thread) In the finished state they have a unique light absorption quailty which provides the appearance of a natural suede. The expanded colour range is produced with premium quality, high energy textile dyes which are fully tested to international colourfastness standards.
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 Warwick Fabrics' Macrosuede repel liquid spills - try spilling a glass of water onto Macrosuede. The liquid spills simply 'bead' on the surface which is easily removed by blotting using a paper towel or colourfast cloth. Macrosuede is a woven suede which means it 'breathes' providing comfort all year round, keeping your winters cosy and summers refreshingly cool.
Warwick Fabrics' Macrosuedes are engineered to resist scratches in a way that no natural leathers can match. Drag a corkscrew across the surface to mimic the effect of pet claws. While some marks may remain, the bulk of them can be rubbed or brushed away. This is simply not possible with leather of flock sueded products. Regular brushing with a stiff brush will help keep Warwick Macrosuedes looking as good as new.

Tested for both 'heavy domestic' and 'heavy commercial' durability, Warwick Fabrics' Macrosuedes have already gained wide exposure in contract and commercial  markets.