We have been established for over 50 years, serving both domestic and contract clients for upholstery and reupholstery.


Is reupholstery a more expensive option than buying 'new'?     

Well, it depends where you are buying 'new' from! Very few sofas and chairs are made to the high standards that we have kept for decades! Most furniture bought today is rushed out from the factory - whereas we have dedicated upholsterers who for decades have maintained an excellent standard of work, with top quality materials. If you have a good solid frame, wish to keep your furniture the same size that fits your room etc, re-upholstery with us will ensure that your furniture will have never been better!

What kind of Reupholstery service are you able to provide?

Absolutely every kind! We can re-upholster any item large or small, using the material that you have provided, or materials ordered from the sample books/cuts that we will provide for you. We recover or undertake a full upholstery service including securing all joints and re-springing or simply replacing foam in cushions or chair seats. From French piping to Deep buttoning, we have over 50 years experience in every technique imagineable!

What Fabrics and Interiors do you use?

We can supply all fabrics being flame retardant to cigarette match test or up to CR,B 5 F.R. for contract use. We also supply all types of tools and interiors etc. For example, Polyther, Fibre, Feathers and more.

When do you pick up the furniture - How long do we have to wait, and can we borrow any furniture while we wait?

We will pick up your furniture on a day and time conveneint to yourselves. It is in the customer's interest to receive their furniture back asap, and we will arrange with you a time schedule for this. Depending on availability, we can loan chairs etc for your use while your furniture is with us. 

Do you give insurance estimates?

We offer an insurance estimate service and also give a report to ascertain any damage or wear sustained subject to distance, different scales of charges are applicable to those items please contact us for further details.

Do we have to pay for a callout and quotation?

No - we will visit your home and discuss your requirements with you, providing an estimate for FREE!